The Stano Bustos Memorial Foundation was founded as a tribute to an outstanding Red Lodge citizen, Edward Stanley (Stano) Bustos, who passed away Saturday November 10th 2007 at the age of 56.  Stano’s greatest passion was his music, he loved to perform and had for many years with a local group of guys know as the Hound Dogs From Outer Space and a few gigs with Billy Waldo and the Flying Grizzlies along with some of his infamous trio and duo work. Stano had a knack for performing and reaching out to the people in what his friends referred to as the “Stano JuJu”. Whenever he was on his way to a performance his friends fondly remember his notable and endearing saying, “Gotta Gig! Gotta Go!”

Stano loved his community and friends and he loved Red Lodge, Montana.  Stano has touched people from all over the world who have come to Red Lodge. He was like an ambassador to the community. No matter where he traveled, people always remembered Stano.  He participated in almost every event that helped our youth and our town. Skiing was a great passion of Stano’s as well as golf and any event that related to either. Stano was always willing to lend a hand. As many young people in our community will tell you, he was always willing to give them some “Stano” direction that sometimes consisted of a good stern talk or a helping hand.

The Stano Bustos Memorial Foundation was formed as a community non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to giving back to the Red Lodge community, with a focus on local youth as they pursue their athletic, arts and academic endeavors. The foundation believes that it is very important to help the Red Lodge community focus on keeping Stano’s traditions alive and working for the community itself. Through the individual, corporate and private donations and events such as the annual Stano Bustos Gotta Gig Gotta Go golf tournament and concert the foundation has been able to fund many necessary local needs here are just a few.

  • Local scholarships to graduating High School Seniors.
  • Silver Run Ski Foundation
  • Helped cover the funeral expenses for Elizabeth Shirley and Madeline White.
  • Playground Equipment at the Red Lodge Softball and Baseball fields.
  • Helped the Boys & Girls Club of Red Lodge purchase equipment and their Community Youth Athletic Fund.
  • Donated on behalf of the Denise Grove Memorial to the Beartooth Hospital and Health Center.

2010 UPDATE:
So far in 2010 the foundation has given out $2,000 in scholarships for Red High School, $1,000 to St Vincent’s Health Care for the new Red Lodge Clinic, $150 to the Silver Run Ski Foundation, $1,600 to the Red Lodge School of Dance, $1,000 to the Red Lodge High School Band and $1,000 to the Red Lodge Youth Soccer club. We are also planning more donations for 2010.

Send Donations to  Stanley “Stano” Bustos Memorial Foundation
PO Box 1310 Red Lodge, Montana 59068